Shari Leigh, Black Business Network
Shari Leigh
Founder & Director
Black Business Network

Shari Leigh is the Founder of Black Business Network, an online community, events and support resources company for Black business owners and startup entrepreneurs.

After a decade-long career in the events industry, as a Global Operations Manager for membership and financial institutions; Shari was inspired to use her skills and passion for creating spaces where unrepresented entrepreneurs can strengthen their business connections, financing and knowledge, pioneering the launch of flagship conferences such as Black Investor 360.

Through Black Business Network, Shari has also led consultation and project management of high-level corporate strategies to remove systemic barriers and improve outcomes for Black and ethnic minority business owners; producing the research report Black. British. In Business & Proud in 2021 & 2022.

Working closely with organisations such as Lloyds Bank, and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs.

Shari and the work of the Black Business Network have also been featured as a writer and interviewee in publications such as The FT, The Independent, Forbes, Black Ballard and The Voice.

Shari has been quoted as saying: “Along this journey, I have learned about the numerous areas of support needed in our business community, and I have been honoured to build and share these resources with other entrepreneurs.”

Shari Leigh is also a member of the Lloyds Bank Black Business Advisory Committee.